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To provide the users of septic tanks, long drop toilets, pit latrines and latrines a product that will enhance toilet sanitation and will assist in the eradication of primary health related diseases and enhance human dignity.


To ensure cleaner basic sanitation to all users of septic tanks, long drop toilets and latrines by providing a scientifically manufactured organic pill treatment through local Distributors, Retailors and Government (All Levels) distribution channels.


  • Safe and secure – Not harmful to humans, plants, animals and fish.
  • Organic No chemical or toxic ingredients.
  • Human Dignity – No more dad odours ,flies and larvae.
  • Empowering / Ethical – It is a basic human right, even a Constitutional right, to live with dignity, of which the most basic is to be able to “go to a toilet” without fear, disdain or trepidation.


* The South African population is 60 million of which 85% struggle with toilet sanitation or lack of a working toilet system.

* SA Water & Sanitation budget: ± R19B per annum.

* Government (National, Provincial and Municipal) requires urgent assistance to address this growing problem in the informal housing sector where there is no sanitation system.

* Secondary illnesses like diarrhoea, urinary infections, off sick at work and schools are jointly caused by poor sanitation using long drops, septic tanks, french drains and public toilets.

* MARKET: Townships / informal settlements, Government institutions at National, Provincial and Municipal levels.

  • Public schools, Correctional Services, Defence Force and Police.
  • Other institutions like Mines, NGOs and Septic Tank Manufacturers and installers.
  • Small Medium Enterprise (SME’s) and Retail outlet distribution

* COST:** Low cost sanitation per pupil monthly. Example 600 pupils using 15 toilets per day. Average usage per person per day is 6-8 times. Five (5) treatments per toilet per week at R45-00 = R255-00 per week x 15 toilets = R3,375-00 per month for 15 toilets. 600 pupils use the toilet 6 x per day = 3,600 usages per day x 22 school days = 79,200 usages per month. Therefore: R3,375 ÷ 79,200 usages = R0,04 (ZAR) per toilet usage per child.


* Organic treatment material not harmful to humans, plants, animals and fish.

* Flies mosquitos and maggots (larvae) start disappearing after 3 days as their food resources are removed.

* Dissolves solids into grey water within 4 / 5 days.

* Water can be used as grey water for agricultural purposes.

* Treatment simple to use.

* Single treatment last for 8-10 days for family of 6 people

* Has a fresh aroma smell.

* No flies, mosquitos and maggots (larvae) in and around toilets.

* Protects ground water and thereby ensuring cleaner streams, rivers and dams.

* Good sanitation prevent secondary illnesses in children and adults e.g., diarrhoea.


* Unique concept and offering for semi-urban and rural sanitation (long drops / pit latrines and septic tanks) where sanitation systems is achallenge.

* Simple to use, safe and cost effective.

* Removes basic health issues associated with lack of basic toilet sanitation in semi-urban and rural areas i.e. diarrhoea, urinary infections.

* Supports Government in it’s drive for better sanitation for all.

* Organic product NOT harmful to humans, animals, fish and plants.

* 48 months shelve life.

* First to market service.

* Value add for basic human dignity.

* Support towards the National Health programme

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