Dr Water Loo
Toilet /Pit Treatment


Why use Dr Water Loo Treatment?

Dr. Water Loo specializes in sanitizing pit latrine / toilets, ensuring they are left odorless. Our service not only improves the environment, but it also poses no health risks and is highly cost effective. Trust Dr. Water Loo to provide a solution that guarantees a fresh and clean toilet experience.

  • Sanitises
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Completely safe to the environment
  • Turns solids into grey water


Why choose Dr Water Loo?

Dr Water Loo provides a convenient solution for maintaining a clean and fresh pit latrine / toilet. Our weekly treatment involves simply dropping in 2 pills, making it incredibly easy to use. The powerful combination of natural digestion by microorganisms quickly breaks down sewerage, ensuring effective sanitization. Rest assured, our product does not contain any chemical substances, making it safe for humans, animals, plants, and fish. Trust Dr Water Loo to deliver a harmless and efficient solution for your pit latrine / toilet sanitation needs.

Health Risks

Dr Water Loo: Eliminating Health Risks for You. Our revolutionary solution removes all health risks, giving you peace of mind. With our cutting-edge technology, harmful elements are completely eliminated. Your well-being is our priority. Experience a healthier lifestyle today with our groundbreaking solution.

Eliminates Odors

Dr Water Loo provides a natural solution to eliminate odors without the use of any chemical substances. Our advanced sewerage breakdown process ensures that unpleasant smells are completely eradicated. Experience a fresh and clean environment with Dr Water Loo.


At Dr. Water Loo, we know that a clean toilet is key to maintaining a pest-free environment. Our utmost cleanliness ensures that unwanted visitors stay away. Bid farewell to pesky insects in your bathroom and welcome a hygienic, insect-free space. Experience the difference a clean toilet can make at Dr. Water Loo.

Cost Effective

Dr Water Loo: Affordable, Reliable, Secure. Exceeding expectations with unbeatable value. Prioritizing safety, delivering exceptional services. Your unparalleled, budget-friendly solution.

Nature Friendly

Dr Water Loo: Providing a Nature Friendly Solution that Poses No Harm to Humans, Animals, Fish, or Plants. 100% Nature Friendly!


At Dr Water Loo, we understand the importance of natural digestion by micro-organisms in breaking down sewerage. Our experienced doctors are dedicated to providing effective solutions for the proper treatment of sewerage through this process.

Keeps toilet fresh

Provides the meansthrough which toilets/pit latrines can be sanitised.
“it can be done in private- convenient, healthy and with dignity for any individual”

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Remove packaging

Step 2

Drop both pills in toilet

Step 3

Repeat weekly

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